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A criminal conviction has the potential to damage your life in many ways. Your freedom, reputation and so much more could be riding on the outcome of your case. The only thing standing between you and severe criminal penalties could be your criminal defense lawyer. It is important to choose an attorney who is ready to go the extra mile to protect your rights.

The Law Office of Shannon Aldous, P.C., offers tough representation against all types of criminal charges. Based in Charlotte, the firm defends people across Mecklenburg County and the surrounding areas.

Taking On All Types Of Criminal Charges

Over her career, Shannon Aldous has defended people accused of theft, DUI, drug charges, sex crimes, violent crimes and more. In short, she has defended clients facing almost every kind of felony or misdemeanor charge under North Carolina law. She will not sugarcoat your situation, but will instead clearly explain your options and guide you through the process. If taking your case to trial is your only option, she will be ready to present the strongest possible case to a judge and jury. She can also negotiate from a position of strength if the situation calls for it.

She is a passionate advocate who understands the human side of a criminal charge. Her goal in every case is to help her clients achieve the best possible outcome under the circumstances. This focus, combined with her commitment to representing clients with ethics and integrity, has led to positive outcomes for her clients time and again.

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